1. What is considered a decent tip ($ amount) and who is usually tipped?

Per Hunter:

Tracker: $10-$20 per day

Skinner / cook / cleaner: $5-$10 per day

PH: 10-15% of your package / hunt


2. Can we wire some money to you so we don’t have to carry so much cash on our trips?

Definitely, most clients do. Just make sure that your wire the money about 2 weeks in advance. You can transfer this money directly to the account.


3. Is it recommended that we get a Hepatitis A shot before we come?

It is not necessary but we can’t tell you not to. We lived all our lives here and never had any shots but for safety take all the precaution that you can.


4. I know that you are in a Malaria free / low area; do you recommend that we get the malaria pills?

Please consult your local Doctor. It is advisable to take precautions.


5. Will we be hunting on arrival day or is it a camp day?

  If time provides you van but most of the time you usually take this day to settle and shoot your rifle/s in.


6. How much do we need for a Taxidermist?

The Taxidermist requires a 50% deposit before any work will be done; this all depends on how long you take to pay the deposit.


7. Do we need to bring toothpast and shampoo or is there any in the camp?

You need to bring your own toothpaste and tootbrush, shaving kit and private personal care items; however it can be purchase in any town / city in S.A


 8. Do we need to bring a light rain coat?

 No, depending if you hunt in the summer, which is our rainy season (October – April)